Bella is a Trampoline Coach in the UK, maintaining an anonymous profile in order to protect the identities of the participants in the sport locally.

Wow that sounds so cold and unwelcoming! Eek… I am a real person and I hope my personality shines through at least a bit and my musings are a bit more interesting than my About page! I promise I’ll throw some inspiration at this soon to make it a bit more interesting, but for now here ya go:

This blog is designed to record lessons learned and musings while coaching Trampoline on a competitive and recreational level.

Posts will be added as regularly as possible and tagged to aide reader navigation. The wide range of experiences that will be talked about in this blog will hopefully not only inspire others, also enable others to learn the same lessons, without making the same mistakes.

So this is a blog that will grow into tips, advice, resources and do’s and don’t-s of trampoline. In the future: DMT and possibly in the distant future, a few others… we’ll see.

In the meantime, “keeeeep bouncing!” – yes I stole that. O:-)

Last updated: 7th March 2016

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