So those of you that follow my new Twitter account, (Hint Hint!) will already be aware that yesterday brought a difficult choice to make between coaching and training myself. I’m at the age now where there are loads of kids coming through better than me (well, currently the same as me, but they’re nearly half my age…) So I often debate with myself whether now is the time to give up doing Trampoline myself and start focussing on my coaching. Certainly if I gave one up I’d have a lot more time to focus on the other! But I always said I’d carry on until I stopped learning stuff/ progressing…

In hindsight, I don’t know if that was a realistic goalpost, because technically you can never stop improving if you work at it, so maybe I just wasn’t ready to stop when I said that. Although there is this one kid, Claire we’ll call her: she and I were training together last week, and I know she has potential and natural ability by the bucket load. It was abundantly clear when the two of us were working on the same drills and skills. What she grasped fairly quickly with control and awareness, I was still only just grasping with some control and very little awareness. I shouldn’t compare but, it’s tough to literally watch someone overtake you. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge her that at all, she’s a talented kid and I love watching her work at this kind of thing and celebrate the moment when it all ‘clicks’, it just begs the question whether I’d have just as much fun coaching as I do training. I might even find it more rewarding. Or maybe I’d just miss it and regret the sacrifice.

That brings me back to my sacrifice. I made one today when I decided to switch the leotard for the coaching Tee. It’s a great opportunity to work with kids that I don’t often work with, and a fantastic opportunity to develop as a coach in a different environment. I’ve been itching to work more with kids that are already somersaulting, ’cause I actually enjoy teaching line-outs and improving technique beyond a basic front and back somersault. There’s also the added bonus that as a newer/ less regular coach to them, I’m a bit of a novelty at the moment and they’re behaving like sponges, really trying to impress.

So today, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, and I’ll catch up on my own training later on in the week. What sacrifices do you make in life? Do you regret them, or relish the new opportunities that come with that? I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below. Meantime, keep bouncing! ~Bella 😉

Ps if I give up, my blog name doesn’t work as well!


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