Catching: Oh my word!

All I can say is after a pretty hairy situation this weekend while coaching I am so glad that I am now more confident about just getting on the trampoline and being a bit more hands on! Since doing my first level 3 trampoline module (more on that later) I’ve been really working on not only being more confident catching, but generally just using the more basic skills as a brilliant way to make my catching skills more intuitive.

I think it’s safe to say I’m definitely better at catching the unexpected!

On Saturday I had a slightly over clocked back landing, that was totally going to be a head landing. Luckily for the kid, and me, I was on the trampoline and was able to grab, and block the kids legs before he landed on his head. Phew! As you can tell, he was pretty new to trampoline (before you ask, yes there was a mat) but it was still definitely safer me being there – it avoided an injury, so take notes and if in any doubt at all, just be there. You’d be a fool not to!

I’ll upload a picture I drew while on my L3 course as to where my hands were, so you can tell what I mean by ‘block and grab’ on the legs. Kid was pretty light, so I was able to stop all momentum before he landed, proving the method really does work!

I hope you never have to use it! ~ Bella


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