What Athletes Remember Most About Coaches

Hi All, just a quick one, as I have been SO incredibly busy of late. I’ve been on my first Level 3 coaching module (WOO!) I’m learning to drive so I can get my full car license and I went on a workshop for coaches in multiple sports, which has had me thinking about my Coaching Philosophy. – I’m sure I’ll get round to that post at some point :s But in the meantime, I wanted to share this inspirational post about being a coach – are we as coaches all of these things? Some of them? None of them? They certainly all have some merit as good qualities to have as a coach…

Read more below about “What athletes remember most about coaches” – it’s not a Coaching Philosophy, but it’s certainly several philosophies to live by as a coach, if you want to be remembered… Let me know in the comments at the bottom what you think your kids will remember you for.

Ciao! Bella 😉


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When it is all over, what will your athletes remember about you?

Your terrific technique?

The number of elites you trained?

The incredible advice you doled out?

Probably not.

As Maya Angelou is quoted, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Or as Lori Gard writes about teachers: They will remember you.

They will remember things like:

You being supportive.


You being patient.


You being kind.


You being positive.


You being compassionate.


You being inspirational.


You being fair.


You being joyful.


You being genuine.


You being passionate.


You being silly.


You being approachable.


You being accommodating.


You being interesting.


You being loving.


Coaches, it’s not the technique, the medals or even the skills that they will remember.

It is you.

Not stock photos in this blog post–these are real shots pulled from random posts of…

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