You, patient?!

Do you ever feel like someone doesn’t really ‘know’ you? Or more specifically, that they only know a small piece of your personality? I recently had some nice stuff said about me, (I don’t wanna brag, but if you’ve just ‘got’ to know, maybe I’ll share it sometime…) When sharing this with someone pretty darned close to me, I got the aforementioned blog title as a response. Gee thanks. I’ll be honest and admit that I was kinda surprised at the reaction, and a little hurt.

Golf - by_Alexander_Taylor

Like I would ever play golf?

I know I’m patient, and some people see that, and yet other people who really should know me better apparently never see it. Maybe that’s a character flaw and I should work on being more patient with the people closest – people who I know and love. Speaking of character flaws (tangent alert, skip following paragraph if not interested)…

I was wondering how you all feel about criticism – the constructive sort. I know that psychologically speaking any form of criticism isn’t good for relationships and that people generally don’t react well to it, but I do feel as though I could help a less experienced coach if I’d give them some feedback – just one specific thing I noticed they don’t do which might help their ability to communicate with some of the children they work with on a daily basis…

I’d like to thank the following people who have inspired this post:

problemmachine with this post


and gwynethjane’s blog post

They’re all people I feel I know a little better since reading their posts, which as you can tell resonated with me. As always, it would be really awesome to hear your thoughts on this one!

molto amore! Bella 😉


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