Trampolining & Autism

Here’s an extract to an article in the Daily Express yesterday about charity patron Gethin Jones and his nephew Alby, who attends Rebounders – a charity committed to improving mobility, balance and strength in individuals with additional or profound needs through trampolining.

The text below is an extract from the article originally published online and available from the read more link below.

Gethin Jones: I wish people would accept my nephew for who he is

Gethin and his nephew Alby

Gethin and his nephew Alby

One activity that has been proven to help children and adults with autism is trampolining.

Five years ago Alby started attending Rebounders, a Cardiff-based charity which helps those with additional needs, to improve their mobility, balance and strength through the exercise.

“Rebounders is amazing and Alby loves going there. He learns his routines on the trampoline and then the kids put on a public performance, which Alby finds challenging because he doesn’t like loud applause.” says Gethin

Set up in 2002 by former accountant Heather Sargent, who had watched on amazed as her daughter Aimee progressed to becoming a Welsh international trampolinist, Rebounders works with small groups of autistic and disabled children and adults.

“They learn communication and social skills, including following instructions and taking turns,”
explains Heather
“Our instructors have set routines for the children’s first turn and their final turn, so they know when it is time to give someone else a go.

“People with autism can take instructions very literally, telling a child with autism that their turn is finished and they should jump down could mean that they leap from the trampoline, so instead we ask them to use the steps.

Having routines and teaching social skills and sharing, as well as the trampolining skills, means that children and adults thrive – as well as going away with a badge for each new achievement.”
Heather adds

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To find out more about Rebounders, visit their website here.

Until next time – Keep bouncing! 😉  Bella


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