The Disability Add-On Module

Eve Scourfield on beam

Eve Scourfield on beam

So I’ve not-so-recently completed the Disability add-on module for gymnastics, and there are a number of things that I took from it. With the Equalities act, it’s now more important than ever to consider the implications this has on your local gym club. I took the course because I wanted to find out a bit more about how gymnastics can be different for different disabled people.

The course was taken by Christine O’Hagan, British Gymnastics development officer who encouraged us all to share our own experiences and learn from each other. As there were a few Trampoline specific exercises we could contribute (a fellow tramp coach and I went together), we were let loose as a group to come up with exercises to share with the rest of the class which was fun!

I didn’t learn a great deal about specific disabilities, other than the ones that have been deemed specifically unsafe to participate in certain disciplines, for example Dwarfism (see pg17 here) but I did learn a number of useful things that are adaptable and relevant to a wide range of abilities.

I decided to publish this today, because Disability Gymnastics has reached an important Milestone for inclusive Gymnastics Clubs. There are now over 200 clubs either offering inclusive programmes or specific disability classes. Isn’t that awesome?

To find a British Gymnastics affiliate club near you, visit the Discover Gymnastics website.


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