20 years since the Disability Discrimination Act – #DDA20

I must say, I really enjoy reading Scope’s blog, since I’ve rubbed shoulders with people with disabilities in one way or another throughout my school, work and personal life. Since it’s a bit of a landmark #DDA20 I thought I’d share this blog and also a few of my thoughts on how Gymnastics in the UK has, as a sport, embraced disabilities – and made it more about Ability, not Dis-Ability. I’ll also round up later how there are still a few things that could help to embrace every ability further and the troubles in doing so.

Firstly, a little bit from Scope…

Scope's Blog

November marks the twentieth anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) becoming law in Britain. The law improved the lives of many disabled people and put anti-discrimination law on the statute book.  

For many disabled people the DDA was a bitter-sweet victory and didn’t go far enough. However, the civil rights campaigners and activists who fought tirelessly to change the law made 1995 a remarkable moment in disability history. 

This blog is shared as part of a series of stories to celebrate the campaigners who fought for civil rights. You can find out more on our website or on social media using #DDA20 

Over the coming few days (between 2 to 13 November) we’ll be sharing the stories of some of the people who were on the front line of the movement. People like Baroness Campbell, Mike Oliver and Agnes Fletcher who have all dedicated their lives to making the country a better place for disabled people.


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