5 Simple Reasons Your Son Should Do Gymnastics (Even if He Doesn’t Want to Be a Gymnast)

So I know I am guilty of neglect here, but I’ve recently discovered this great Gym blog and thought I’d share this post about Boys, Gymnastics and why gymnastics really should be a starting point for every child in sport. Because where else are you going to learn strength, balance, flexibility and control in one sport, as well as discipline, self-control strength of character, perseverance and focus? Hope you like this post as much as I did! Ttfn Bella x



Gymnastics is not just for girls.

Not even close.

Yes, the sport is considerably more popular among girls. But did you know that many regard male gymnasts as the strongest of all athletes?

In Men’s Health’s list of the 50 fittest athletes, it is a gymnast who is ranked third, ahead of sports stars like Michael Phelps, LeBron James and Usain Bolt. And, the magazine admits that the gymnast, Kohei Uchimora, “might be pound-for-pound the fittest guy on the planet.”

So that sounds like he should be ranked first to me…but I digress.

Even if your son has no desire to pursue gymnastics as a sport, there are still many benefits for boys to participate in gymnastics.

I know that might sound confusing: why would you have your child enroll in gymnastics if he had no interest in being a gymnast?

For these 5 simple reasons:

Gymnastics is the…

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