A Plan for Petal and Robin

Petal and Robin are two young gymnasts just entering their careers in Trampolining. They both have fun and show a natural aptitude for the sport, learning quickly and are confident to try new things.

Have you ever heard of the 7 P’s? aka Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance or the polite version: Proper Planning, Preparation and Practice Prevents Poor Performance. It’s something that almost continuously plagues my idle thoughts. I wouldn’t say I’m the most experienced coach, so I’m often asking advice from more experienced coaches about the right time for progression, encouraging certain techniques and how to discourage or avoid common bad habits.

The perfect training pair could be Petal and Robin. They’re young and able and need a plan. Ultimately my goal as a coach would be to get them on the British Gymnastics Performance Pathway, with the best chance to get to their peak performance at the appropriate age.

If Petal and Robin are 6 and 8 respectively, ideally they would both need to be learning the following routine by their 9th birthday as well as working towards voluntary routines with a 6.0 tariff (at this age there isn’t a difference between Male and Female Tariffs as there is aged 13.)

routine age 9-10

The question for me as a coach is – is it possible? If so, how? In the coming months I’m going to develop a plan of the skills they would need, assuming that they can be learnt in an appropriate time frame we’ll see just how possible that is. Firstly the skills they will need to do the routine above, beginning with the Tuck shape, then Pike and Straight, assuming that you would learn a Tuck front and Back somersault before you learnt these skills in the Piked and Straight position.

  • Tuck Front Somersault
  • Tuck Back Somersault
  • Tuck Barani
  • Pike Front Somersault
  • Pike Back Somersault
  • Pike Barani
  • Straight Back Somersault
  • Straight Barani

After or during which one might also teach these as useful skills in their own right and progressions towards further skills.

  • Straight 3/4 Front Somersault
  • Straight 3/4 Back Somersault

Coming soon – Blog 2: Petal’s Plan

What’s your experience with progressions and planning? If you have a set way of planning in the long and short term, let me know in the comments below – perhaps we can plan the futures of these two talented children together…

Happy bouncing!

Bella 😉


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