Bad Hair Day?!

When your hair gets in the way of your training no matter what you do with it, you need some fresh hair-up ideas. For some coaches, girls stopping in between drills of something to redo hair that’s falling out, is the bane of their existence. Being one of those girls, I can honestly relate. So here’s a few ideas that I’ve found work for me, maybe these will stay up a bit longer than the usual ponytail or messy bun.Half-Up-Half-Down

When I get to training, it’s often with my hair down and I need something quick to put it up so it’ll stay up. Depending on how clean you hair is, and how layered it is, this can be pretty tricky, I have specific days when washing my hair happens, generally leading up to my days off training, because my hair is impossible to keep up when it’s squeaky clean. My first go-to style is what I call a ‘Half pony, plait’.

This simple style is quick and easy to do and has a couple of variations for fringes and short hair too. Firstly, divide the hair from ear to ear and braid this hair as far as you can before securing it. If you have a short fringe that’s not going to knot into the braid, secure your handful of hair with an elastic first, to keep the fringe back with the rest of the hair before plaiting. hairland braid complete

Next, either leave loose for short hair that doesn’t need securing, tie back fully into a ponytail, or combine all the hair and plait from the nape of the neck. I find due to gravity a lower ponytail stays in better than a mid-height one, while if your hair is quite long like mine, then high ponytails just whip you in the face! You can release the half plait where you begin the full plait, or in the second image, it’s been used as the third strand of the plait and looks pretty sophisticated!

I always found that the plaited section ends before the rest of the length of the hair though, so I prefer to work with three bits of loose hair to get the full length of braid possible. You might also find the additional bulkiness and weight of this double plait too heavy when jumping higher, though securing this in a fold to half the length with another elastic might solve that, and gives you yet another variation on this style. I do this is the one style suitable for pretty much all hair types!

Do you have any other ideas that work for you? Let me know what your hair solutions are and I’ll add more ideas to this post – when I think of other creative ways to tie up hair, and have a chance to test them out in training! In the meantime… Happy bouncing! 😉


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