Guest Post – Drowning in the Static: life with an ADHD son – by Simon

So I thought this post was pretty awesome and that it relates to my post about ADD/ADHD and Trampoline for these kids – some of the way distractions are described; e.g. lots of tabs on your computer all playing audio at once, really brings home the reality for these children.


(This guest post originally appeared on my facebook autism page in June 2014. It had the best reception of any guest post I have featured to date. Simon, the author, now has his own Facebook page )

“Simon is impossible to teach”
“A major distraction in class”
“Wastes his and others’ time”
“One of the worst students I’ve ever had the misfortune to try and educate”
“Will amount to nothing in life if his attitude doesn’t change”

When I was at school, they didn’t have things like ADD or ADHD. What they DID have however was me, labelled a problem child from early on, a reputation that stayed with me until the end of high school. Back then, the ‘treatment’ wasn’t a controlled diet, OT or medication; it was a solid thrashing with a cane. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t concentrate in class, the…

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