New Skills

Consolidating new skills and keeping confidence levels high when learning new skills.

Learning any new skill in trampoline takes time, patience and often requires a “two steps forward, one step backwards” approach between sessions. What do I mean? Well, in a nut shell if you take two steps forward in a training session, you will need to take one step backwards in the following training session in order to consolidate the skill just learned.

Top It Up or Turn It Over - Jack Kelly

Image courtesy of Jack Kelly

For example, we recently had a competitor learning a tuck back somersault. Two steps forward would be when we went from a coach on the side to spot it; to a mat coming in for the landing (one step forward) followed by landing the skill on the trampoline (second step forward). The competitor finished the session feeling buoyant and very confident in the skill. We had worked on it for several turns on the trampoline and by the end it was being performed with a very consistent somersault and good height and awareness. With any two steps forward for a new skill learned though, you have to remember at least one step back is required to build on that confidence in the next session. The last thing you want is hesitation because they’ve had a few days off and now just ‘going for it’ is a little bit more scary than when you’d learnt them and the method was fresh in your mind.

So our step back was to reintroduce the tuck back somersault into the next session with confidence from the coach and a mat. The competitor was obviously keen to do more, as it’s a new skill, but it was important to ensure it was spotted on a mat. I must also add at this point that the mat coming in should be by the coach, to give further confidence – the competitor was keen enough to do it with a fellow participant matting on another trampoline, but we would rather it was under the full supervision of the coach first. Incidentally this ensures they’re not beginning any new bad habits that they weren’t doing before, such as keeping the head in line with the shoulders (which can be lost after a day or two of not thinking about it).

Our competitor was then able to continue her somersaults with or without a mat 🙂

Happy bouncing!


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