Supported Somersaults with a Belt

Using a Karate belt round the waist to support a single front or back somersault on the trampoline.

So this is a field I previously didn’t know much about, so if you have any feed back, please feel free to comment below. I recently used this apparatus for the first time. It’s a bit different to manually supporting somersaults when on the trampoline, because it’s a step back and less ‘hands on’.Martial_arts_belt

So how is it done?

Using a fabric karate belt and a performer who has previously been hand supported to complete a front or back somersault, the belt is folded in half length-ways, so you have a loop at one end and the two ends at the other. This length wraps round the performer, with the loop at the waist and sitting above the hip nearest you. By threading the ends through the loop, this creates a secure slip knot round the performers waist and the two ends which you can grip.

The advantages of using the belt

It is secure around the waist of your performer, giving them the confidence to complete the skill in the same manner as previously, without you, while still having the coach able to step in and keep less secure SS’s from falling forward or back.

For me the belt seems another step, providing further support options to the coach and competitor, but I’m not sure it’s all that necessary unless your competitor needs a confidence boost…

What do you think?

Comment below if this is a method you use/ don’t use. Let me know what you think is best.

Please note this method should only be used by a qualified coach familiar with the method, this post is not designed to teach the method, only to inform and reflect on personal experience.


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