Online Results & Data Protection

Musings on the potential issues of publishing results online in searchable text format…

So this isn’t going to be an in-depth post or an analysis today, but I just wondered what everyone’s thoughts regarding data protection when Competition Results are published online? The reason I ask is that I was recently researching how data about you gets all over the internet, and how even if you don’t share that much, someone else might share different information about you that could mean bit by bit one could piece together quite a bit of information about you. It got me worried, because if someone knew a child represented a certain club and they knew where that club was, they could even find out about when that child might be training, based on information all readily available online. Obviously as coaches we always try to keep our children safe and ensure they are going home with a parent or guardian who is known to us, but I can’t help but wonder if safety precautions, such as results being in PDF or images, not text format as well as not being searchable or indexed by Google and other search engines. Perhaps even making this information password protected, in the same way that event photographs are protected, could be a solution? password-protected


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