Welcome World!

It’s my┬ávery first post! So I’ve decided that due to a failed previous blog about something, if I’m going to write a new blog, it has to be about something I’m passionate about. This idea has been on the ‘back-burner’ for a while, but I now think if I don’t get started, the post-it’s full of ideas will all get lost! It’s also much easier to write it one post at a time, rather than loads of posts at once, so here goes… I’m ‘Bella’ – this blog will use a lot of pseudonyms, but that’s just to protect the identities of the people I work with. I’m a coach who works with both children and adults in competitive and recreational environments, so I’m hoping my wide range of experiences will help to not only inspire others, but as I’m not perfect, maybe you can learn the same lessons as me, without making the same mistakes. So this is a blog that I am hoping to grow into tips, advice, resources and do’s and don’t s of trampoline and DMT. Although qualified, I do not currently participate in DMT in any capacity, but it’s definitely something I hope to do in the future. Happy bouncing!


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